The worst submissives requests


I receive dozens of session requests every day, I feel honored that some want to take advantage of my sensual, sadistic and strict company to abandon themselves. Thus, my selection process is up to the level of the services that I provide whether in bondage, tease and denial, orgasm control, anal training, sissification or even latex fetishism among other practices.

My submissives know to what extent politeness is a quality that I appreciate, especially when it comes to applying for an exceptional moment at my feet and my perverted mind. However, despite the rules of decorum supposed to be integrated through correct education, some allow themselves to cross the limits of reason and acceptability. I offer you a short summary of the unacceptable behaviors that I may receive

The sleepwalker

Desperate and definitely alone, the sleepwalker hopes to be able to interact with the Goddess that I am at a late hour in the middle of the night. Often out of touch with life, sometimes tipsy after a drunken evening, his inhibitions generally relax after midnight, the peak often being around 2 a.m.

Why are this kind of request very irritable?

The reason why he will not be summoned for an audience is simple. Victim of his impulses, the submissive’s brain has ceased to be properly irrigated to the point that the frontal lobe, the seat of logical reasoning, is in a state of almost -paralysis. It will only regain its logical functions when waking up or when receiving my session conditions.

The fiancé

No doubt out of excess confidence and excessive ego, the fiancé is already planning a romantic relationship. The first message often begins with “honey”, “babe” or “darling”. Not only is the qualification wrong, because as a reminder I am a Dominatrix and not your girlfriend. I obviously respect my colleagues in escorting but even they find it unbearable to be called that at first glance. But above all, it demonstates a certain level of audacity and over confidence in wanting to flirt with me. Thinking that it would be a turn on, I can oppositely qualify is as an total turn off.

If you ever meet someone on the street that you want to see again, do you really think that this kind of little nickname will make the person want to continue the communication? At worst, you come across as emotionally dependent. At best the person will continue on their way without looking back. But ignorance undoubtedly remains the greatest contempt.

Others are also capable of marrying a Dominatrix on first contact. Struggling with his primal impulses, the future groom often confuses domination services and marriage agencies.

The hateful racist

His plan is precise when contacting me: he seems polite, has experience and follows a certain sense of protocol. Except that when it comes time to pay the deposit, his deep sexual misery pushes him to reveal his true face as a racist and whorephobe. However, this reaction is not only due to the feeling of rejection: this kind of person just feeds on hatred to pour out his venom and humiliate on someone whose existence he considers to be inferior.

So what could be easier and more cowardly than insulting a Domina? Supreme symbol of the overthrow of societal power, the Dominatrix cristallises the frustration and the inaccessible for this hater, who dreams of an anti-LGBT patriarchal world.

The sexual narcisstic

How is a solicitation from a sexual narcissist one of the worst requests from a submissive? The Internet has broken down barriers by connecting the world and some are taking advantage of it to the point of exceeding legal limits. Also, it is important to remember that sending unsolicited dic picks is a criminal offense.

Yes, “gentlemen”, you read correctly. Sending intimate photos to people who asked for nothing is, nothing more, nothing less, that sexual assault punishable by criminal prosecution. Between imposed exhibitionism and the narcissistic need for recognition, the fact remains that it is a sexual assault.

While some are unaware of the criminality of the act, others object to the fact that “everyone does it.” In that case, if everyone jumped off a building, would you do it too like mindless sheep?

Unsurprisingly, men who sent unsolicited dick pics demonstrated higher narcissism and hostile sexism levels than their non-sending counterparts…

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Dates de tournée de Noël parisiennes


A l’occasion de ma tournée à de fin d’année, j’ouvre mon agenda de jeux aux plus téméraires d’entre vous.

Au programme, bondage et Shibari pour les amateurs de restriction mais également jeux d’exploration anale, de fétichisme, déprivation sensorielle, impact comme vous les aimez tant, uniquement si je suis satisfaite de votre servitude…

Les débutants sont également les bienvenus, lors d’une séance de découverte ou de social time, durant laquelle je serai ravie de vous partager mon expérience.

Pour rappel, l’ensemble de mes pratiques et surtout de mes limites ne sont pas négociables. Lorsque l’on fait preuve d’éducation et de de bienséance, on ne force jamais une Dame à vous rencontrer: rien n’est encore plus nécessaire dans une relations D/s afin d’en faire émerger une énergie authentique.

Comme à mon habitude, je vais vous dresser à devenir les meilleurs éléments de mon cheptel, sans aucune pitié…

Excellente servitude à tous.tes

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Durée de séance souhaitée *
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Dates de tournée automne 2023 – Sessions parisiennes


C’est avec grand plaisir que je vous annonce ma prochaine tournée automnale, dont l’une des étapes passera par une destination chère à mon coeur: Paris, la ville lumière.

Mon rire joyeux et effrayant vous ayant énormément manqué, il revient pour vous hanter du 19 au 20 octobre prochains: tenez-vous prêts!

Protocole de rigueur

Afin d’organiser au mieux nos moments de perversité, de bondage et autres plaisirs cérébraux, je vous invite à réserver dès à présent un créneau.

Pour rappel, un acompte reste obligatoire afin de réserver une séance véritablement créative et personnalisée selon vos pratiques. En effet, sans cette formalité vous n’obtiendrez aucune minute ni mon temps, ni de mon expertise kinky.

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How to address a Domme


I receive requests every day, on average 5 which makes nearly 35 per week, not to mention the reactions (a little too spontaneous) following publications on social networks and in particular Instagram or Facebook.

If we consider that BDSM must remain a game between consenting adults, I would like to point out that consent remains the basis of the practice. However, we often tend to forget to respect the limits of the dominant person: some even allow themselves to flout them without warning. Without forgetting the very attentive submissives who are also being scammed online by equally badly caring people, who thus undermine our entire profession.

How to present yourself correctly to attract attention and meet a Dominatrix? What is the process to follow? How to avoid the many pitfalls that abound on the web?


As in any contract between 2 parties, the Domme and the submissive must agree to give, to do or not to do something towards someone. However, when addressing a professional whose work is based on domination, it is important to respect her limits and conditions. About me, here they are:

  • A questionnaire to be completed: accessible via the dedicated Contact page;
  • When negotiating a meeting, please respect my limits as well (which is part of any contract, isn’t it?): A No remains a NO even if you offer me double or triple my fees;
  • If your application is rejected, take a step back: we are not made to get along and failure is an integral part of the personal development process that is BDSM;


Through my many travels around the world and especially in Asia, where I regularly visited my submissives during tours, I demand respect for my profession and authenticity in your approach.

  • Respect: feeling that leads to give someone consideration because of the value that we recognize,
  • Authenticity: virtue by which an individual expresses with sincerity and commitment what he truly is.
    In this regards, I invite you to find out about my practices, my interviews and portraits.


When you talk to me, no interest in calling me “baby”, “darling” or other girlfriend names. It will be Madame ONLY, only the most seasoned submissives have the right to call me Mistress.

When you meet someone you want to interest you, do you think that by calling them “sweetie” or “love” you are going to stand out, in a good way obviously? Do you think this person is in such an existential vacuum and emotional deprivation that they will contact you again?

Also, there is no point in presenting yourself as the biggest bitch in Europe, the world or your village: it tends to make me vomit. To draw a parallel, you go to a Ferrari dealership claiming to be a fan of sports cars, rallies etc … Great, but then? Tell me about your passion for the brand’s racing cars on horseback: great but when do you decide to buy it?

In your submission process, when you call on a professional Dominatrix, you must know that there is a significant cost relating to our activities and our training: equipment, evolution of practices, outfits and accessories to offer you the experience that you wish.

So give value to your submission. If you can’t afford a session today, save your money for tomorrow if your goal is to serve your Domina. If your goal is just to satisfy an impulse without investing the financial means, I advise you to meditate more on your motivations.

Good luck

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