French-Asian Dominatrix

You have been warned, welcome to my dungeon!

I have been working in the international BDSM world for over 15 years. From the Parisian scene, via the Asian continent (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong in particular) my practices vary according to his desires, always with elegance, subtlety and responsibility: discipline, restriction, sensual domination, humiliation, Shibari, tantra.

As a passionate professional, exploitation remains my ultimate vice: I take your time and money, but your dignity remains mine until I decide otherwise.
Multicultural and multilingual, I speak 5 languages (French, English, German, Thai and Laotian) navigating through your mind with subtlety and accuracy.


Sasha has an incredible technique and a real knowledge of erotic psychology, coming along with a real sadistic mind. She’s not only an experienced Domme but also a brilliant, a creative and an elegant pervert mind.

Stef (UK)

I’ve got the chance to co-dominate with Sasha several times, playing with female subs at the same time. Such an exquisite memory, I hope we’ll be able to play together soon.

Niall (UK)

Mistress Sasha commands respect from the moment you met her.  Her exotic look and style make one want to immediately kneel before her and if you don’t, she will make you.  Her style is unlike another.  Mistress Sasha combines humiliation with pain all for her enjoyment.  As Mistress Sasha degrades or is inflicting pain, she has an unforgettable laugh of enjoyment.

Brett (USA)

Mrs Sasha is a lovely and empathic sensual Sadist. As an experienced Domina, she cares about my own limits and my needs. Inside this consented frame, when it’s time to play, I promise she neither doesn’t fake nor pretend with primal torture and sensory deprivation! I would be honored to welcome You in Berlin soon. Her exotic sensual look and style make one want to immediately kneel before her and if you don’t, she will make you.

Niko (Germany)

Mistress Sasha is not only a smart and highly educated woman, she is mostly a rare tantalizing and alluring Asian Domina in a part of the world mainly led by patriarchy. Her mischievous mind is equalled only by her sense of sophisticated aesthetic, especially in co-domination, service training and Shibari bondage.

Ole (Germany)

J’ai la chance de servir Maîtresse Sasha dont l’énergie et l’imagination sont à la hauteur du bien-être qu’elle souhaite partager à ses soumis.

Eric (France)

As a foot fetishist, I was so lucky and admirative for her magnificient feets, especially when Mistress Sasha wears her high heels that drive me crazy. She always ensures that I am in a mentally secured environment, every time her feets mercilessly torment my entire body.

Big (UK)

The very first time I have contacted Mistress Sasha, she organized a coffee time outside to get to know me more before deciding to play with me. As she’s very selective with her subs, I admired her natural authority and her intelligence at the first sight, while calmly drinking her tea, while observing and reading my mind and my submissive desires. I automatically submitted to her charism and got the chance to serve such a respectful Lady.

Jefke (Germany)

I was freshly married to a wonderful woman when I have kindly asked for Mistress Sasha to run a special training workshop for my beloved wife. Mistress helped me to initiate my wife with kindness, pedagogy and exercises to fully step into a Domina role. As a patient Sadist and mentor, I can tell how efficient was her tailored training program.

Mark (Germany)

More than just a caring and voluptuous lady, Nina’s mind is not only creative but deeply connected to the needs and desires of the sub. I will never forget this feeling of well-being and fulfillment after our games: thank you for bringing me into the sub space with so much guidance.

Thomas (UK)

I believe Madame Sasha belongs to a really special category in domination: she’s a cruel genuine sensual Domme. That’s the reason why her sadistic laugh is a consented traumatizing arousal when it’s playtime.

Irnam (Netherlands)