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Collaboration in BDSM: working with Dommes


In the dynamic world of BDSM, collaboration among Dommes, plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the community. While the industry gets more digital, the reality is that collaborating with other Dommes brings forth a multitude of benefits that enrich both individual practices and the BDSM community as a whole. Let’s delve into why collaborating with other Dommes is not just beneficial but essential.

Maitresse Isadora

La douce et célèbre Maitresse Isadora avec laquelle j'ai pu joué

Building skills and networks

Collaborating with fellow Dommes provides an invaluable opportunity for skill enhancement and networking within the BDSM sphere. Indeed, each Domme brings her unique blend of expertise, techniques, and experiences to the table. By sharing insights and practices, Dommes can expand their skill sets, refine their craft, and discover new approaches to their sessions.

Furthermore, collaboration fosters the formation of professional networks, opening doors to referrals, partnerships, and participation in larger BDSM events and projects.

Through collaboration, Dommes can amplify their presence in the community while fostering a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

Cultivating support and mentorship

Navigating the complexities of BDSM can be emotionally and psychologically taxing. Collaborating with other Dommes creates a supportive ecosystem where individuals can seek advice, share experiences, and offer mentorship.

Whether it’s discussing session techniques, managing client dynamics, or addressing personal challenges, the support and guidance from fellow Dommes can be invaluable.

Also, mentorship within the community not only nurtures individual growth but also strengthens the collective knowledge base. It ensures that new and seasoned Dommes alike feel empowered and supported in their professional journeys.

London Femdom Ball

London Femdom Ball

Femdom Summit Bucarest

Femdom Summit Bucarest

Prioritizing safety and risk management

Safety is paramount in BDSM, and collaboration among Dommes is key to ensuring the well-being of both practitioners and their clients. By sharing safety protocols, risk management strategies, and best practices, Dommes can create a culture of safety and consent within the community. That’s the reason why collaboration allows for the collective assessment of potential risks and the development of proactive measures to mitigate them. Through open dialogue and collaboration, Dommes can uphold the highest standards of safety, thereby fostering trust and confidence among their clientele.

Fostering community engagement and learning

At its core, BDSM is a community-driven practice that thrives on collaboration and mutual respect. By collaborating with other Dommes, practitioners contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the BDSM community. Not only, engaging in collaborative projects, sharing resources, and participating in community events not only enriches the collective experience. But by embracing this state of mind also facilitates continuous learning and growth. Through collaboration, Dommes can explore new avenues of creativity, challenge conventional norms, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of BDSM as an inclusive and dynamic community

With my baby girl Louisenextdoor

With my baby girl Louisenextdoor

To summarize, the importance of collaborating with other Dommes cannot be overstated. From enhancing skills and networks to fostering support and mentorship, prioritizing safety, and engaging with the broader community, collaboration lies at the heart of the BDSM experience. By embracing collaboration, Dommes not only elevate their individual practices but also contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the BDSM community as a whole. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of BDSM, let us recognize the power of collaboration in shaping a community that values empowerment, diversity, and mutual respect

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Online sessions available


Let’s connect together, with my fans and subs all around the world.

Enjoy a kinky playtime with me, over Skype

Some of you regularly send me requests for online servitude, as the pandemic has changed the way to meet pro-Dommes. Mainly based in Paris, I can also offer online kinky trainings over Skype if you want to get the chance to please and play with me.

In that extend, you can enjoy my first 3 submission packages, depending on the time we’ll be spending together in this online dungeon.

  • 15 minutes: bitch level, for submissive who are feeling horny but have some appointments in their vanilla life, like going out for dinner with wife and kids,
  • 30 minutes: slut level, for submissive who want to get out from their comfort zone. Take your seat and get your bottom ready.
  • 1 hour: whore level, for devoted submissive who crave for humiliation in a real immersive experience

Application process

Fill in the form on my contact page and select “online training” and then, you could book a personal session, tailored to your darkest kinks and desires. Please note that you need to list out the equipments you get in your place, to shape a bespoke session.

Good luck bitches!

Bitch level - 15 minutes

50per session
  • Playtime up to 2 kinks

Slut level - 30 minutes

90per session
  • Playtime up to 3 kinks

Whore level - 1 hour

130per session
  • Playtime up to 4 kinks
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My interview for Domme4view blog


Since I started this amazing journey as a Pro-Domme, I can tell how happy and grateful I am when I got the opportunity to be interviewed by the devoted sub from the international blog Dommeviews4u.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off this brand new year: if some of you guys could be really helpful in spreading and promoting our art, this world would be a happier place I can tell!

That being said, it was an excellent exercice for me to take a step back in my domination style, where I begun and how I want to achieve my life goals by raising up my Queendom.

You should read this article, especially when the “Asian Persuasion in Europe” is Your Majesty.

Enjoy your reading and don’t hesitate to comment if it has inspired you.

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A new Sissy is born


The very first time Patricia has contacted me was by applying politely on my website. When I opened up my email box, I couldn’t imagine how much her evolution could make me so proud of her, how much our games could bond us so close. Patricia’s main kink is mainly based on cross-dressing to please her Mistress in the city of Lights….

How Patricia got the privilege to play with me

Patricia introduced herself to me in a respectful way with her experience of a few years as a latex fetishist, a material that I like to wear like a second skin, a support for all sensory eccentricities. Delightful discussions, an email sprinkled with devotion and listening to his Mistress: the trust is palpable from his first words. More than just an additional random request, I could feel her passion for cross-dressing and it’s what I also look for in a sub: the real investment in an unique journey.

Living in the provinces, Patricia takes advantage of her stays in Paris to meet Asian Parisian dominatrixes, in search of exoticism from the Far East, which is far from displeasing to me.

Once the contact was established and the session reserved, Patricia confided in me that merging into the personality of a woman is not humiliation but a real honor to the woman she always wanted to be, the woman who sleeps in every man finally…

The transformation

In order to prepare for our playtime, I take the measurements of Patricia, who turns out to be relatively strong and muscular. This pretty dewy beige dress will therefore be her official game costume, to serve me: but I’m not done yet. In order to complete her transformation, I reserve her a beautiful flamboyant red wig that will bring out sparkling eyes, when she can no longer breathe in facesitting. Don’t you think that’s a nice touch?

Once there, I ask Patricia to put on makeup: not only do I see her blush with shame, but her clumsiness in applying lipstick makes me burst out laughing Machiavellian. The adrenaline rises with blows of humiliations and small mockeries which really tend to excite me to feel the evil waking up in me.

Dressed in fishnet stockings, a thong that molds her pretty buttocks, a wig that suits her perfectly, she kneels at my feet: proud and embarrassed at the same time, ready to offer herself to all my kinky desires…

Picture taken by Paolo Campanella

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How to address a Domme


I receive requests every day, on average 5 which makes nearly 35 per week, not to mention the reactions (a little too spontaneous) following publications on social networks and in particular Instagram or Facebook.

If we consider that BDSM must remain a game between consenting adults, I would like to point out that consent remains the basis of the practice. However, we often tend to forget to respect the limits of the dominant person: some even allow themselves to flout them without warning. Without forgetting the very attentive submissives who are also being scammed online by equally badly caring people, who thus undermine our entire profession.

How to present yourself correctly to attract attention and meet a Dominatrix? What is the process to follow? How to avoid the many pitfalls that abound on the web?


As in any contract between 2 parties, the Domme and the submissive must agree to give, to do or not to do something towards someone. However, when addressing a professional whose work is based on domination, it is important to respect her limits and conditions. About me, here they are:

  • A questionnaire to be completed: accessible via the dedicated Contact page;
  • When negotiating a meeting, please respect my limits as well (which is part of any contract, isn’t it?): A No remains a NO even if you offer me double or triple my fees;
  • If your application is rejected, take a step back: we are not made to get along and failure is an integral part of the personal development process that is BDSM;


Through my many travels around the world and especially in Asia, where I regularly visited my submissives during tours, I demand respect for my profession and authenticity in your approach.

  • Respect: feeling that leads to give someone consideration because of the value that we recognize,
  • Authenticity: virtue by which an individual expresses with sincerity and commitment what he truly is.
    In this regards, I invite you to find out about my practices, my interviews and portraits.


When you talk to me, no interest in calling me “baby”, “darling” or other girlfriend names. It will be Madame ONLY, only the most seasoned submissives have the right to call me Mistress.

When you meet someone you want to interest you, do you think that by calling them “sweetie” or “love” you are going to stand out, in a good way obviously? Do you think this person is in such an existential vacuum and emotional deprivation that they will contact you again?

Also, there is no point in presenting yourself as the biggest bitch in Europe, the world or your village: it tends to make me vomit. To draw a parallel, you go to a Ferrari dealership claiming to be a fan of sports cars, rallies etc … Great, but then? Tell me about your passion for the brand’s racing cars on horseback: great but when do you decide to buy it?

In your submission process, when you call on a professional Dominatrix, you must know that there is a significant cost relating to our activities and our training: equipment, evolution of practices, outfits and accessories to offer you the experience that you wish.

So give value to your submission. If you can’t afford a session today, save your money for tomorrow if your goal is to serve your Domina. If your goal is just to satisfy an impulse without investing the financial means, I advise you to meditate more on your motivations.

Good luck

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Mrs Sasha Berliner tour 2021


Dear Subs,

After months of pandemic, our European customs are finally opened, with health restrictions to protect each of us. That being said, I am fully vaccinated and get my European vaccination certificate to ensure about the safety of our acquaintance.

Let me announce you that I will be visiting Berlin, Germany from 4th to 10th October and will be available for in and outcalls.

Shibari, bondage, humiliation, sensual domination, tantra, CBT, impact, objectification and much more kinks are available and listed out on my services page.

If you want to submit your application, make your homework and send me out a proper request for a play session via email:

Mrs Sasha Berliner tour 20212022-09-20T14:21:39+00:00

Webinar “marketing et communication dans le TDS”


Les travailleurs(es) du sexe ont souvent peu de temps à consacrer à cette partie pourtant nécessaire à la visibilité de leur activité. A travers ce webinar, vous comprendrez de manière globale les bases du marketing et de la communication pour mettre en place des outils faciles à utiliser.

Site internet, réseaux sociaux, contenus et autres plateformes privées n’auront presque plus de secrets pour vous.

Thèmes abordés :

* Construire son image
* Mettre en avant son service
* Interagir avec sa communauté

N’hésitez pas à préparer vos questions en avance à


Dominatrice la nuit et consultante en marketing et communication le jour, j’accompagne mes clients vers la définition de stratégies
propres pour atteindre leurs objectifs. Précédemment à la tête du département digital d’une agence de relations publiques à Bangkok, je suis honorée de pouvoir aider mes collègues à travers cette conférence et leur partager mes connaissances.

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Ms Sasha’s portrait for TDS club blog


I was honored to be contacted on Instagram for an interview for the TDS club blog .

As you know, sex work is still an occupancy and we shouln’t feel ashamed about who we are, what we do and why we love this job.

As I have explained in this interview, my practice is based on listening to my subs’ kinks, their dark side and support them to go deeper in the exploration of their perversion.

You can read the full interview in French only here below.

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My First Interview Over Instagram Live for Fetish Kinsters


I have been contacted through social media by allyouneedisgloves , whose latex gloves are just stunning.

As Maxime, the brand owner, was staying connected to his community during the lockdown in France, he made the decision to extend his community by exploring the new European kinky scene.

This is how we began to discuss about our background, experiences and practices in BDSM. As you may know, people can explore the entire range of perversions that are particular for each of us.

My First Interview Over Instagram Live for Fetish Kinsters2021-03-26T13:23:46+00:00
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