My practices

The following kinky list is a glimpse into my interests as a Pro-Domme. Energy and chemistry are crucial to make a D/s relationship work with each submissive. That’s the reason why I’m very selective and cautious about who gets the chance to come into my feet.

For your information, the aftercare is always provided and included at the end of each session to reconnect both body and mind, while bringing your energy back.

  • Fetish : foot fetish, nylon/stocking fetish, shoes fetish, trampling, latex/rubber fetish, leather, lingerie
  • Orgasm control and anal play: CBT, chastity, O denial, ruined O, edging, tease and denial, tease and desperation
  • Edge play : electricity, breath play, fire play
  • Tantra and sacred sexuality
  • Bondage : Shibari, cuffs, chains
  • Primal play : biting, scratching, hair pulling
  • Service and objectification : human furniture, financial domination, shopping, fine dining, pet play, blackmail, domestification, toilet service
  • Feminization : sissyfication, forced feminization, cross dressing, forced bisexuality
  • Impact play : whipping, flogging, caning, spanking, face slapping
  • Sensory play : sensory deprivation, temperature play (ice, wax)
  • Humiliation : public, verbal, extented confinement or imprisonment
  • Co-domination games and couples are more than welcome

The following are off-limits :

Heavy medical play, Blood play, Ruby showers, Worship/contact with every part of my body covered by a bikini, Switching / subbing, Any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe and non-consensual, including giving or receiving oral sex.

My application process

  • Send me out a proper and decent application with your age, experience in BDSM, marital and professional statuses, location, availabilities. Your very first introduction must be respectful : to get to know me more, I am an educated lady, also graduated in political science and economics. As corruption is my ultimate perversion, you should never try to fool me. Now, you’re aware.
  • After receiving your application and accepting my conditions, I select if your service sounds exploitable enough to get on a first face-to-face interview. During this first meeting, you would certainly be observed and assessed. Bear in mind that I can still kick you out and reject your application if I don’t feel any deep desire to submit. Never forget that you ultimately serve Me.
  • As an experienced professional, absolute discretion is assured except in the event of a consented request for public humiliation.


My gifts

I love to congratulate your devotion after a nice treat. If you want to make me smile and think about you, feel free to spoil me. Getting you the chance to please me remains My pleasure too.

All gifts cards should be adressed to

  • Size: 34/36 European size – 4 US size – 6 UK size – S/XS size
  • Shoe size: 36 European size – 5 US size – 3.5 UK size


you obviously need an extra healthy dose of Me